2016 Gallery Contract

hob’art cooperative gallery ~ Contract/2016
Artist: __________________________________________________________
(PRINT: Address, email address and telephone number cell and home/studio)
hob’art cooperative gallery
Monroe Art Center
720 Monroe Street, 2nd FL, #E208
Hoboken, NJ  07030      201.424.1275
email:  francegarrido@mac.com OR  conchart@aol.com

To the Members of the hob’art cooperative gallery,

I have read this agreement carefully and I fully understand the responsibilities and obligations involved in becoming a Member of hob’art co-operative gallery.  I agree to abide by the Gallery’s policies and to honor all commitments of my membership, financial and otherwise.

Membership requires:
Gallery sit approximately 10 to 12x’s per year or hire a sitter in my place for $30 per session
Attend meetings, approximately 2x’s a year to be a voting member
Serve on, at least, one, 1 (one) committee.
Member will maintain a binder which includes, in a professional presentation, images/resume/bio/statement/press, etc.

Select one of the two payment schedules for annual fees.

1 (one) payment $275. due when contract is signed by December 15, 2015, w/a signed contract.
This fee entitles the member:  Multiple, 4 person shows, per year.
2 (two) payment option:
1st payment due December 15, 2015 ~ $137.50 Due w/a signed contract.
2nd payment due April 1, 2016 ~ $137.50
The gallery does not take a % of sales.  All queries are directed to the artist.

hob’art cooperative gallery and its members are not responsible for loss or damage of artworks.  No purchases can be made for the gallery w/out approval of Director, President or Board of hob’art.

Make checks out to hob’art cooperative gallery and send to:
Starr Tucker-Ortega
100 Manhattan Ave., Apt 1612
Union city NJ 07087

Signature: __________________________________________ Date:_________________

hob’art cooperative gallery ~ Membership Responsibilities

1.  Dues are due upon signing the contract.
$275 for 1 payment for a full year membership, December 15, 2015
$137.50 for the 1st payment, December 15, 2015
$137.50 for the second payment due on April 1, 2016

2.  Sitting requirements are 10 to 12x’s per year  (schedule to be confirmed)

3.  If you choose to leave the gallery you must give a 6 month advance notice, you
will still be responsible for any back payments.

4.  In the future if/when we have a national juried exhibition, each member is
required to contribute time or pay the gallery $40.

5.  Each member will receive a key for $2.  Lost key replacement:  $5.

Every exhibiting artist must sign a hob’art waiver. Found on the website.

I acknowledge having read and understood my financial responsibilities and obligations to hob’art cooperative gallery

Member Signature


Retain a copy for your records.

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