Alberte Bernier

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Alberte Bernier-Beneath the surface- oil on   masonite-14x14
Perspective, oil on canvas, 18x14"




Artist Statement

I am a visual artist who lives in NewYork City. My art pieces

are set in color contrasts that infuse intensity and tone. They display

a backdrop of multi-layered hues that reflect the human experience,

evoking emotion and fantasy. I am inspired by the earth and the sea

and by the amazing varieties of colors that cross my eyes during my


I use various media: oil, acrylic, charcoal, pastel, mirrors and

textile that create scenes where symbolism, expression and rhythm

intersperse. I also create mixed-media pieces in a broad spectrum

of sizes and subjects from nature’s ecologicalcomponents to cultural


I studied painting with the gifted art teacher Edla Cusick and

at the Art Students League. I am a member of Chashama, Ceres

gallery and hob’art gallery.




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