Nupur Nishith


Panchtatva : Five elements,

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Dheeya – the Girl Child


Sumukha Ganesha



Artist Statement

I am a New Jersey based artist inspired by the art from my birthplace, Mithila paintings or as popularly known Madhubani paintings an ancient folk art from India. I took up the art form at an early age observing my mother make them for various occasions, rituals and festivals. Over the years, I have evolved my own distinct style with fusion the contemporary ideas with traditional art form using modern tools.

I work on various surfaces ranging paper, canvas, cloth, wood, ceramic, terra cotta, glass in addition to the traditional paintings on floor and wall. With an inclination towards technology I also make digital paintings for projection on digital media and mass production goods wherein I have designed for award winning feature film and clothing line.

Mithila artform is known for the details in the paintings in a flat two-dimensional
perspective with no shading or overlapping. I often try undergo a research and visualize objects and situations in two-dimensional perspective to create the the symbolic motifs and designs which makes my art unique and distinct. I have worked to evolve the natural and bright colors with symbolic distinct features of Mithila art form. I work freehand without using any stencils or pattern tools by hands on my various projects.

I have learned through observation and everyday experiments. During research and production new areas of interest arise and lead to the next body of work. So every piece that I create has a background story based on the research and its process of development. This has also led to my paintings being awarded, exhibited and published at various occasions.
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Major Awards and Recognition

 COLOR, Brooklyn Waterworks Artists Coalition, National Juried Show, Brooklyn, NY, July 2016,

Certificate of Recognition for painting Dheeya.

Selected Shows:

 In flux, Gallery 14 Maple, Morris Arts, Morristown, NJ, September’16 – February’17

 Holiday Store for gift items, Bridge Art Gallery, Bayonne, NJ, November-December, 2016

 Diwali Art Exhibition, Bridge Art Gallery, Bayonne, NJ, October – November 16

 Artist’s Choice, Barrow Mansion, Jersey City, NJ, October 2016

 What have you got to say?, City Life Gallery, Jersey City, October’16

 Jersey City Artist and Studio Tour (JCAST), Flagship venue, Jersey City, NJ, October’16

 Featured Artist at Gallery Opening, Bridge Art Gallery, Bayonne, NJ, September – October 16

 Vanity, Jersey City Theater Center, Jersey City, NJ, September- November 2016

 COLOR, Brooklyn Waterworks Artists Coalition, National Juried Show, Brooklyn ,NY, July 2016

 Subject 13, Bee’s Art Gallery, Bayonne, NJ, June, 2016

 JC Fridays Art Show, Barrow Mansion, Jersey City, NJ, June 2016

 Spring Exhibit, Bayonne Museum, Bayonne, NJ, April 2016

 Diwali Event, Om Temple, Belleville, NJ, November 2015

 Summer’s Last Dance, Bee’s Art Gallery, Bayonne, NJ, September 2015

 Bayonne Museum, Bayonne, NJ, April 2015

Selected Digital Work

 Designed for Mithila Makhaan, Indian National Award Winning Maithili Feature Film

 Designed for Science is Fun, Lucknow, India, an NGO working for promotion of Science.

 Designed for Gnaana Company, Fullerton, CA, USA for a Children Clothing Line

 Designed for Association for Promotion of Creative Learning, Patna, India

Other Art

 Floor Art and Window Art at Bridge Art Gallery, Bayonne, NJ, October – November, 2016

Selected Bibliography

 Riverview Observer, “Visions of India- Bayonne Artist Nupur Nishith creates traditional folk paintings”,

December 1-15, 2016

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Paintings”, November 22, 2016

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Art Groups

Pro Arts Jersey City, Artist and member of publicity team

Art Circle of Bayonne, Artist and member of organizing team


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