Hello Everyone,

At this time of year, we are often hit with countless pleas to make
contributions to our favorite non-profit organizations. If you are like
me and have a finger in every action committee, ecological cause, or
political awareness campaign you are probably feeling overwhelmed and
defeated. It is extremely difficult trying to decide where your hard
earned dollars will be best spent.

I am suggesting, however, that this year your most effective effort
would be to think small, creative, and local. The organizations that
are hardest hit and most often overlooked are those at the community,
grass roots level.

hob’art co-operative gallery fits this description. We are a group of
local, committed artist/activists trying to revive and sustain the
struggling artist community of Hoboken and the surrounding Northern New
Jersey towns. We have created a venue for wonderful exhibitions, film
nights, critiques, and workshops at the Monroe Center for the Arts, hob’art
gallery, e 208, 720 Monroe Street, Hoboken, NJ. The word is spreading
about the high quality of art that we display and the creativity of
what we are doing.

Our work has been going on quietly for twelve years now and we are
growing stronger every day. We partner with the Hoboken Public Library
and the Hoboken Shelter to spread the power of the visual arts to all
members of our community. But, as with all non profits, we are
continually plagued by operating costs and this is where you come in!

If you are able, we are looking for contributions to help us continue
this very important work. We understand the terrible financial crunch
that is affecting us all at this down time in our economy and we are
grateful therefore for anything that you are able to contribute. All
donations ARE tax deductible and should be sent to hob’art co-operative
gallery, e 208, the Monroe Center for the Arts, 720 Monroe Street,
Hoboken, NJ 07030.

You can also make a donation through Guide Star.

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