Ibou Ndoye

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Artist Statement

My paintings are the representation of the socio-cultural values of my environment. My inspirations come from all the small unseen and neglected details that have functional and instrumental effect on my daily life.

Nothing can be more inspiring for me than the Sudano-Sahalian architecture of Toumboukoukou, the mural decorating style of African women, the pyramids and the hieroglyphic writing style which represents noble ideas. The noisy, shiny, dusty, and colorful African markets are very stimulating.

The ram tied up in the backyard of the house represents the sacrificial spirit that protects the family against bad evils . The family of seven people walking along the streets struggling for survival. All these combined with modernism give an absolute resolution to my art work.

Connect with Ibou here: http://www.iboundoye.com/

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