Leslie Rubman

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Sarcelle #1


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Artist Statement

Born and raised in New York City, exposed to the city’s creative blur from birth, Leslie Rubman took her first art class at the age of 43. As a self-taught, mixed media artist she collected materials everywhere she went. The soon-to-be gentrified abandoned factories of Hoboken in the 90s became her haunt, the forgotten detritus of past ages being reborn in her abstract assemblages, her artistic foundation built on the ruins of the recent and remote past.

Ms. Rubman has been inspired by the works of Georgia O’Keeffe and her concept of “filling space in a beautiful way”. Another influence has been Robert Rauschenberg’s use of multiple ideas that “either calmly or less calmly just happen to exist at the same time”. For Ms. Rubman, using found and recycled objects signifies the transformation of history; a past-life experience re-created into a current portrait.

Connect with Leslie here: http://www.leslierubman.com/


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