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Artist Statement

I have been painting since I was eleven years old when my second grade teacher inspired me. She gave me my first watercolor kit and I never looked back. I fell in love with watercolor from that moment on.

I have always been drawn to the shapes of the sea and feel particularly connected with the conch and snail shells. The spiral a favorite image of mine is, of course, an integral part of these seashells. In many cultures the spiral is the symbol of rebirth and the regeneration of all living organisms. It is a very female, sensuous form an I have adopted the spiral as my personal icon. You will find it in almost all of my pictures.

I enjoy taking these unusually small natural objects and then blowing them up in size until they become abstractions. While working on these pictures, I find myself falling into their tiny “worlds” of texture and form. It is such a contemplative soothing activity for me that I hope the viewers of my pictures feel a similar sense of calm and fascination with these beautiful, complex objects.

In the last six years I have suffered several personal tragedies, starting with the death of my mother, then a year later my father, and then a year later my husband. The experience of grieving through all these deaths has enabled me to move in another direction in my work. Within the last two years I have been evolving a visual vocabulary that expresses my innermost feelings and enables me to come to grips with my own mortality and fears. The new pictures are rich in detail, soaked in color, and inhabited by my images. Sometimes these images are drawn from memories of the past, sometimes from dreams and sometimes from pictures that I have seen and remembered that resonate in meaning for me.

I have also been attracted to old fabric taken from clothing items of loved ones and have used some of the designs in the fabric as either borders or shapes in my pictures.

All of these visual interests have come together in this new style for me. It has been a wonderfully healing, therapeutic and regenerative process. My hope is that my pictures will convey some of what I have been through and also be restorative to those who view them.

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