Miriam Untoria

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Hands of Time





Artist Statement

My creative passage has taken me from a realistic, almost classical representation of the human figure, towards a surrealistic world of figures and imagination where everything is possible as reality and fantasy merge.

My current work consists of oil and acrylic paintings on canvas, and mixed media assemblages. They range from medium to small in scale, with careful attention given to details and surface quality.

The artwork begins with the human form, and then I create a surrealistic world for these figures to exist in. The work is representational but not necessarily realistic.

The assemblages incorporate found and hand made objects with the paintings to venture the images into a three-dimensional relief existence. They are arranged in boxes or old drawers. This work allows me to bring together my love for both two and three-dimensional design. Like paintings they have define boarders that require showing only a fraction of the world. Like sculpture they are part of a physical three-dimensional existence. The drawers and found objects bring to the work their own physical history and my love for collectibles.

The paintings incorporate rich colored frames with heavy decorative patterns surrounding figures of women and children inhabiting a surrealistic world of foliage and imaginary design.


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