Murty Rompalli

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Artist Statement

I am a visual artist from New York City. I have re-discovered my
childhood passion of drawing and painting. I like to draw and paint
people, places and abstract designs. I like my work to be simple but not
too simple. I am personally very much connected to every drawing and
painting I create. Each one reminds me of exactly how I felt when I
created it.

I like to paint in such a way that I am emotionally connecting with it.
When I am finished with a painting, I can easily remember exactly how I
felt when I created it. My preferred media are oil on canvas, water
colors and color pencils.

I get my inspiration from places and people. I walk along the waterfront
in NYC and Hoboken and make friends with strangers. I enjoy my work
because it makes me connect with everything and everyone around me.


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