by hob-art on February 23, 2013


R.Rose_9-2012medWhen I was a very young child, I played doctor and operated on the head of my sister’s favorite doll, removing all the hair during the process. As it was an expensive toy, my Mother took me to a New York City doll repair store to impress upon me the cost and trouble to repair my misdeed. I became fascinated with the collection of discarded doll parts but the proprietor refused to share.

My dolls represented the occupants of my early imaginary world. Over the years the dolls disappeared from my life but hovered in my memories. Artistically the idea of dolls returned during my hunts for vintage photos in antique stores.


Recently I have been attracted to images of empty storefronts which provoked my memory of the old doll store. By blending the found pictures with my empty store images became a logical creative impulse. I have filled the windows of my shops with portions of dolls or mannequins although they have no connection to the individual businesses. As the first emporium I depicted had a “Closed” sign on the door, I have used that word in the names of all the montages in the series.

The original pictures used for my digital montages include slides, photographs, and found pictures. The images are scanned into the computer and then manipulated, colors and textures adjusted, and combined into new artworks. My camera and my computer are mediums that I use to exploit the depictions, producing collages that speak to the spectator. Viewers are invited to blend their own imagination with the illusions I present.

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