Tom Egan

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Artist Statement

I approach photography as if it were both laboratory experiment and an art form. Using traditional film formats, varied light sources (natural and artificial) and extended time exposures I try to create unique light effects and moods.

Because this work is done with film and in conditions where light meters are of limited value, it is usually days or sometimes weeks before I know what I have or have not captured. This is a response to the instant digital photography which is now the norm. It gives the work a tenuous and random quality that is the opposite to the total control of instant feedback and Photoshop retouching.

My preference of subject matter is usually landscape with color photography featuring subjects that will provide a focal point from which light and time will have the greatest effect. These exposures can last from just a few seconds to more than an hour in length. I find myself increasingly drawn to documenting locations with multiple photographs, where I can reinterpret how people envision a place or subject that they thought they knew.

For me, this is an ongoing search towards experimenting with techniques that will allow me to visually explore my environment with a very personal artistic vision.

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